The Opportunity

To improve online sales conversions by building shoppers’ confidence in their product choices.

The Solution

Real-time messaging was shown across the entire product catalogue, covering over 30,000 products. Our A/B testing definitively proved that shoppers who saw our messages were more likely to purchase than those who did not.

Product List Page

Our patent-pending Taggstar Trend AlgorithmTM highlights fast-selling items on product list pages. The technology is statistically proven to increase click-through rates and improve conversions. By adding guided navigation to Shop Direct’s websites, shoppers are able find best-selling items faster.

Product Details Page

A range of our real-time, social proof messages are shown on product pages throughout and Shoppers can see transparent information around how many others are browsing each product, product popularity and aggregated reviews. This relevant and contextual information, shown at the right time in the customer’s journey, gives shoppers more confidence to buy.

Basket Page

By highlighting fast-selling items on basket pages, our messages significantly reduce basket abandonment rates. Our Social Proof EngineTM gives customers the extra validation that what they are buying is right, at the most critical point of their shopping journey. More shoppers who see our messages at this stage, click and convert rather than click to abandon.

The Results

Taggstar delivered a sales conversion uplift of 2.7% across Shop Direct’s entire product catalogue. With aggregate annual sales in the region of £700m, the sales conversion uplift equates to £14m over financial year 2014 – 2015.

“Our tests are conclusive; customers who see Taggstar’s messages are more likely to checkout and spend more. Taggstar has been the single biggest revenue driver of incremental revenues.”

 Jonathan Wall

Group eCommerce Director

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